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The Top 10 Mistakes in Small Business Web Design

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Perhaps I should have called this "One Hundred and One Ways to Kill your Website" because there are so many different ways to screw up web design. Anyway, to make things simple, lets just stick with the Top Ten just like the old David Letterman show. I promise if you keep these basic principles in mind, your site will be head and shoulders above a good number of your competition.

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How to Avoid Scams and Spam on Linkedin

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I view myself as a fairly productive writer of online content actually worth reading (IMHO). I write frequently on my site blog, and contribute a wide range of articles to industry publications and also to my varied private and public interests.

I have gained 6100+ connections on Linkedin and the company noticed and has invited me to participate in several pilot and beta programs. Good on them and I appreciate the opportunity to further my network influence.

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California Wines have Dangerous Levels of Poisonous Arsenic

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Some very well known brands of California wine have been found to contain high amounts of arsenic, as indicated by a suit filed Thursday in a Northern California court.

The class action suit alleges that many wineries are ignoring California state laws by intentionally creating, branding and distributing arsenic tainted table wines and neglecting to educate the public about any potential dangers. The suit also seeks relief for additional damages and a court order requiring wineries to revise their production methods to reduce arsenic levels.

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Your Facebook Page is Still Not a Replacement for a Business Website

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Recently a new client asked me if they should even bother with having a website for their San Francisco Bay Area business. I was kinda surprised to get pitched this question — to me, having a website for a business has been an absolute requirement for the last decade or so. When I asked how they thought their business could get along without some sort of a web presence, the answer essentially was, "We are getting all of our leads from our Facebook Business Page." At that point, I strongly encouraged management to investigate getting at least a basic site up immediately and not to depend soley on the whims of Mark Zuckerberg and company. For my money, EVERY business needs a well built website with effective SEO, and here's why:

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