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3 Web Design Concepts Every Business Owner Should Know

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Let's say you run a Small or Medium sized business and that you need a new company website.  You aren't big enough to justify an inhouse web designer, but you still want a website that projects a professional image and that will help grow your business.

One of the more frustrating issues you're going to face is that the terms used to describe common web technologies are basically Greek (or Geek) to outsiders. To exacerbate matters, there are some unscrupulous Web Designers and Developers out there who will think you are an easy mark just because you are unfamiliar with concepts such as Content Management Systems (CMS), Responsive Design or the HTML5 standard.

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The Top 10 Mistakes in Small Business Web Design

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Perhaps I should have called this "One Hundred and One Ways to Kill your Website" because there are so many different ways to screw up web design. Anyway, to make things simple, lets just stick with the Top Ten just like the old David Letterman show. I promise if you keep these basic principles in mind, your site will be head and shoulders above a good number of your competition.

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