Are You Still Using "Doorway" Pages for SEO? Google would like a Word ...

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Google is reporting they are instituting yet another tweak to their algorithms to better identify and downgrade search engine rankings for sites still utilizing outdated "doorway page" SEO tactics.

Doorway pages are an old Search Engine Optimization trick designed to rank multiple pages within the search engines.  The idea being more traffic will be generated for a target site. Unfortunately, these supposedly unique pages ultimately lead to the same destination or website instead of unique web properties.

Google does not like to rank doorway pages for the simple reason they do not add value to search results and are frequently duplicate content not particurlarly interesting or useful to humans visitors.


How to Spot Potential Doorway Pages on Your Website


  • Does your content grammar or wording seem to be aimed at bots or web crawlers?  Or does your content contribute valuable information to your visitors?
  • Are your pages designed to rank for terms that have nothing to do with the actual page content?
  • Does your content focus exclusively on geographic areas or specific items and present them in a highly aggregated but repetitive fashion?
  • Is your content aimed at presenting affiliate links and sales items without adding unique details or information?
  • Are pages on your site "orphaned"?  Are they hard or difficult to explore to from different parts of your site? Are connections within your site to these pages seemingly there just for search engines?



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This dubious SEO tactic has existed for some time and has grown increasingly sophisicated in an attempt to avoid detection by Google. In addition to multiple content pages, SEO spammers utilize multiple domains, IP's and hosts to cloak their shady tactics. Sites extensively utilizing doorway pages can expect to see a negative adjustment to their search engine rankings in the very near future.


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